Judith, owner of A Silver Jewelry Affair, has a love of the Vintage and Art Deco period of our fashion history! The products you’ll find are those that she has found to be representative of the era and that have met her standard for quality. The store’s number one focus is “our customers and their satisfaction with the products they buy from us. So many products out there today are not of the standard that customers expect and if any customer who buys from us is unhappy for any reason we do our best to make sure we make it right!”

“Enjoy our products, show them off to your friends and by all means treat yourself now and then to a ring or earrings that will fit your mood, your outfit or just plain makes you happy. I think you’ll find that our prices for the quality of the product are very competitive and can fit into almost any budget.”

Judith, Mark and Jeff,
A Silver Jewelry Affair mother and sons team!